How To Customize My Products

JD’s ArtShop is a place where I share my designs on Zazzle Products.

Here’s where you’ll find everything from Key Chains to Car Mats, T-Shirts to Tea Pots… all decorated with art and designs from traditional to digital media. These products are as much fun for you, your friends and loved ones to admire as they are to use.

How To Customize My Zazzle Products

When visiting my Zazzle Store don’t forget, most of my products I’ve designed with you in mind, so you can use the ‘CUSTOMIZE’ Button on most of my Store’s products. When clicking on the customization button you can remove a background or a design element and replace it with your own colors, backgrounds or even add your own Text and images to give them a more personal touch. And if you don’t like what you’ve done you can simple refresh the product page and either start over again, trying something new or accept the product designs the way I have made them to look. It’s ALL up to you 🙂

How to Exchange One Product For Another

While in Editing Mode, once you’ve found the design you want, not only can you edit the design you can, in some cases, exchange the product for a related product.

How to Exchange One Product For Another

Here you see my “Pretty Polkadot” designs on an iPhone.
What if you’d rather have this design on an iPad, iPod or a Blackberry? What if you have a different Name Brand of the electronic devices, or a different (newer or older) version?
Here’s how you choose what you want to see the design on:

Check out the image example above.
To the right of the product product you will find a small blue bounded box below the Editing Tools. Click on this and you’ll get a pop-up window showing you all the related products you can easily choose from. Click on the one want and my design will now be on this new product. If you like what you choose you still have the option to edit as you like!

Happy Editing 🙂

To visit my Store just stoll over to*
I hope you enjoy your stay, and have a lovely day doing so!

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